Transforming healthcare to make whole health possible

We are a healthcare services company solving the challenges to achieving full and complete care.

What happens on the right side of healthcare?


A new movement to put health plans, services, and systems on the right side of healthcare is underway. And we’re leading the charge.

We believe it’s on the right side of healthcare that whole health outcomes improve most efficiently. Where the system is made simpler, and more sustainable. And where people — from patients with complex health conditions and clinicians on the front lines to health plan administrators — are finally put front and center.

At Carelon, we use our unmatched expertise, data, and advanced technology to remove whole-health barriers by connecting the healthcare system in powerful ways that make it more personalized, accessible, and affordable. Because we know that when the healthcare system is healthier, better care is possible.

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Picture healthcare as it should be

At Carelon, we see how great healthcare can be when an empowered system comes together. And we’re making it happen.

Advancing whole health requires perspective


When we see your most complex challenges, we see possibilities. That’s because we’re always looking ahead, turning the power of exponentially scaling data into transformative insights that can change lives and keep you ahead of healthcare trends.

We are constantly innovating, developing solutions that connect providers to evidence-based clinical insights to guide personalized care decisions. Solutions that help payers manage risk and deliver exceptional whole-health care to their members. And solutions that provide individuals with simple, seamless, and affordable healthcare.

With the right partner by your side, we can remove barriers to better care and achieve what’s possible. Together.

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How we make better health possible


Solving big-picture challenges requires bold ambitions, expertise, and powerful capabilities. At Carelon, we have all three.

Connecting whole-person care journeys


We offer people-first care models, integrated digital tools, and services that address the physical, mental, social, and economic factors that influence an individual’s health — whether living with complex conditions, coping with behavioral health challenges, or proactively managing one’s health.

Improving health outcomes


We expand access to care through our deep provider networks and leverage data, artificial intelligence, research, and clinical insights to help providers and individuals make personalized, well-informed, and value-based healthcare decisions.

Reducing complexity


We offer care models designed to simplify the navigation and management of complex health conditions, platform-based digital tools that connect the healthcare ecosystem for more powerful and accessible information, and convenient services like home prescription delivery and virtual care.

Improving affordability


We improve payment accuracy and revenue performance, automate health administration, streamline health plan operations, leverage clinical insights to guide cost-effective treatments and medications, and provide high-tech, high-touch support to manage high-risk individuals with complex needs.

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Proven capabilities. Expertise that matters.


Today’s complex healthcare challenges require a dynamic set of capabilities and deep healthcare IQ. Born from one of the largest health organizations, our industry-leading capabilities span the entire healthcare continuum to support our partners and the 115 million people we serve.

With capabilities across behavioral health, pharmacy, value-based care delivery, and digital platform and technology services, we have the expertise and tools necessary to empower stakeholders across the system, realize better outcomes, and improve efficiency. And decades of experience doing so.

Ready to make better health possible?


We’re here to answer any questions you have about Carelon.