Pharmacy care that puts people first


When did pharmacy become so impersonal, complicated, and expensive? At Carelon, we believe there’s a better approach to pharmacy benefits management. One that puts people at the center and applies a clinical-first lens to guiding personalized care decisions that improve access to the most cost-effective treatments.

Whether through personalized specialty condition management, digital tools that empower members, or convenient home delivery, we are making pharmacy easier and better connected for the members we support.

Our pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), CarelonRx, is finding innovative ways to help health plans and employers improve outcomes, reduce costs, and put the benefits back into pharmacy care.

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Leading the way to better pharmacy care


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Our fresh approach to pharmacy care


Being a different kind of PBM comes naturally to us. We see members through both a clinical and personal lens as we build relationships and provide personalized, whole-person care. With our deep expertise and comprehensive data ecosystem, we can help identify the most appropriate drugs and condition management approaches for each person, drive cost savings, and ensure the right medications are used at the right time.

From clinical insights that improve affordability and outcomes to tools that help make pharmacy more convenient, our capabilities are helping to create value across the pharmacy continuum.

Cost management solutions

Deliver affordability and value through prescription discount and cost relief programs.

Whole-person, connected care

Solutions that harness both medical and pharmacy benefits, promote digital-first member experience, improve outcomes, and lower costs.

Specialty condition management

Provide an extra level of condition-specific expertise with our pharmacists and clinicians.

CarelonRx Pharmacy

Deliver simple, affordable, and personalized pharmacy care through a digital-first solution.

Clinical insights

Promote the safe and effective use of medications, encourage adherence, and improve health outcomes.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Optimize the experience for your members with complex, chronic conditions and improve their access to specialty medications.

How we provide true value and reliability


Millions of people depend on medications to help manage their health and live life to the fullest. That’s why we make pharmacy care more accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate. 

 CarelonRx offers:

  • Comprehensive medication management, including digital tools for refilling, renewing, and pricing medications, and convenient home delivery.
  • 24/7 phone, text, and chat access to pharmacy and specialty pharmacy experts.
  • Drug lists, clinical programs, and specialty pharmacy solutions supported by robust clinical expertise. 
  • Advanced analytics and a comprehensive data ecosystem to help improve affordability and health outcomes.

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