Real-world evidence, uncovered to improve outcomes

Real-world evidence, uncovered to improve outcomes

HealthCore is a health research company that offers a range of services for health economics and outcomes research, safety and epidemiology, clinical research, and patient-centered research.


With more than 25 years' experience, HealthCore partners with key stakeholders, life science companies, government agencies, and academic institutions to support evidence-based decision making.

How can evidence-based care become the norm?

Gaps in evidence are slowing the growth of best practices in healthcare. HealthCore is accelerating it.


By identifying the right questions, designing efficient evaluations, and conducting impartial analyses, HealthCore generates the evidence that the healthcare system needs to deliver better value and better outcomes.

Better healthcare is driven by better research

Advancing evidence-based care is always the end goal. Because when research leads to better-informed clinical practice and standards of care, the healthcare system gets better, exponentially.

You can create that impact when working with HealthCore by:

  • Accessing HealthCore’s multidisciplinary research expertise

  • Ensuring your research is based on HealthCore’s unparalleled data ecosystem and rigor

  • Innovating your research perspective through HealthCore’s direct stakeholder relationships

Bring new evidence to care journeys

HealthCore’s suite of research services move value-driven, whole-health forward by expanding the evidence available across the healthcare system.

Clinical Research

Designs and executes clinical
trials from start-up to closeout to drive
needed therapies and meaningful outcomes.

Health Economics and
Outcomes Research

Identifies the real-world value of biomedical products and leverages those insights to advance actionable information for stakeholders.

Safety and Epidemiology

Uncovers vital evidence on the use, safety, and efficacy of biomedical products and devices in large, real-world patient populations.

Patient-Centered Research

Engages the voices of patients in research to make therapies and programs more real-world-ready and relevant.

A health research partner unlike any other


lives of robust data within its ecosystem


years of experience


abstracts, posters, and manuscripts published over the last three years

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