Pharmacy care that puts people first

Pharmacy care that puts people first

IngenioRx is a leading pharmacy benefit manager focused on people, not just prescriptions. Through pharmacy expertise and deep medical insights, IngenioRx works to remove barriers, personalize experiences, and improve health outcomes, no matter where individuals are in their healthcare journey.


IngenioRx offers a multifaceted prescription drug strategy that puts members first, is backed by clinical data, applies digital-first solutions, and provides flexible plan designs. IngenioRx delivers innovative engagement solutions, develops meaningful connections with members, and offers deep clinical expertise.

Leading the way to better pharmacy care

By focusing on individuals and their needs, IngenioRx not only personalizes the pharmacy care experience, but also drives total cost savings. For individuals with chronic, complex conditions, a dedicated specialty pharmacy nurse sees their total health, not just the complex condition. And advanced analytics help the company develop tools and solutions to close care gaps and improve medication adherence.

Reaching above and going beyond the usual pharmacy experience

Reaching above and going beyond the usual pharmacy experience

Relationships, innovation, and expertise are the foundation for how IngenioRx is solving pharmacy’s complex challenges and reinventing pharmacy care.

IngenioRx offers:

  • Comprehensive medication management, including digital tools for refilling, renewing, and pricing medications, plus delivery for certain prescriptions.

  • 24/7 access to pharmacy and specialty pharmacy experts, with phone, text and chat options.

  • Drug lists, clinical programs, and specialty pharmacy solutions supported by robust clinical expertise.

  • Exceptional service backed by guarantees.

Keeping whole-person health at the center of pharmacy care

A leader in pharmacy benefit solutions, IngenioRx provides innovative services focused on whole-person health:

Member engagement programs

Better target and proactively engage members to close care gaps and lower costs by leveraging IngenioRx’s AI platform.

Dedicated specialty pharmacy team

Provide an extra level of condition-specific expertise with IngenioRx’s pharmacists and clinicians.

IngenioRx home delivery pharmacy

Offer members up to 90 days of medications, delivered at no charge.


Improve members’ medication adherence and connect them to high-quality pharmacies with a concierge service that includes hand delivery and custom pill packaging.

Cost relief

Help employers and members better manage costs, with a $0 cost share for many specialty drugs.

Rx guide

Deliver actionable insights and empower employers to track and respond to key performance indicators through a digital-reporting tool.

Pharmacy ingenuity by the numbers


overall drug trend (medical + pharmacy)


overall specialty drug trend (medical + pharmacy)


specialty pharmacy member satisfaction



more care gaps closed from member engagement


access to pharmacy and specialty pharmacy experts

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