AIM Specialty Health

AIM Specialty Health

Evidence-based pathways for better outcomes

Evidence-based pathways for better outcomes

AIM Specialty Health is a medical benefit management company that ensures health plan members receive quality, affordable care driven by rigorous clinical evidence.

For more than 30 years, AIM has aligned complex-care journeys with evidence-based pathways to improve outcomes, easing providers’ clinical review workflows and powering consumerism with member engagement and cost transparency.

What if optimal care were easier to deliver?

For your providers, delivering evidence-based care is getting harder by the day because of rapidly emerging research and unproven treatments. AIM is simplifying it. With its clinical pathways and streamlined clinical review, AIM empowers clinicians to spend less time researching what the optimal, affordable care is and more time providing it.


The result is less care variation and more cost-of-care savings for your commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid members — two needs forward-thinking healthcare leaders have long called for.

When clinical soundness, collaboration, and customization combine

Commitment to clinical integrity. Physician-led collaboration. Solution flexibility tailored to your business. With AIM, your health plan gets first-hand experience with these unique approaches to medical benefit management.

And together, these advantages make for better healthcare by:

  • Ensuring medically necessary care in optimal settings.
  • Strengthening your provider partnerships.
  • Increasing your cost-of-care savings.
  • Transforming your members into savvy consumers through extended member navigation and advocacy services.

Lay the foundation for best-practice care

Led by physicians and scaled by our automated platform, AIM clinical product suites create a continuum of evidence-based care across complex specialties.

Oncology Suite

Ensure continuity and quality across the major specialties within the cancer care continuum — genetic testing, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.

Musculoskeletal Suite

Drive a comprehensive, cost-effective, evidence-based musculoskeletal care journey, including interventional pain management, joint and spine surgery, and rehabilitation.

Core Suite

Minimize variation and create long-term value across highly dynamic clinical specialties, such as radiology, cardiology, sleep medicine, and surgical care.

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