Empathy in action: How CarelonRx care teams personalize patient support

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Navigating a chronic health condition can be challenging, which is why trust and connection between a patient and their providers can make all the difference in managing their condition.

The personalized approach taken by the CarelonRx Clinical Pharmacy Care Team members supports patients every day. Leading with empathy and backed by technology, this clinical team is an essential part of the business.


How do CarelonRx pharmacy care teams help patients every day?


Supporting meaningful relationships with patients is at the core of any patient-first care model, humanizing healthcare experiences and supporting better outcomes. Here are three ways our clinical care team does that.

Seeing patients as individuals

At CarelonRx, there are more than 400 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on the Clinical Pharmacy Care Team who engage individuals and help them navigate their whole-health needs around the clock. These clinicians take the time to get to know patients personally so they can help them overcome any healthcare barriers they are experiencing.

Advocates at heart, our care team members look at patients as real people with conditions, not products or programs. They approach their job with strong empathy and consider their work with patients every day as an opportunity to help on a human level.

Accessing technology to improve health equity and connect care providers

Enabling our care teams with predictive analytics means we can help them understand which patients are in the truest need. Then we can configure their solutions to drive engagement. This is particularly valuable when considering health disparities that may be impacting a person’s ability to thrive.

For example, if a patient is identified as having certain risk factors for developing diabetes, a pharmacist might ask about their daily nutrition to identify any financial or environmental barriers to healthy food. If the patient says lack of transportation is a barrier to accessing quality food or even their regular medications, someone on our care team can connect them to home delivery services or transportation options. Looking holistically at social drivers of health is absolutely critical when our care teams engage with patients.

Our teams also communicate with patients’ primary care physicians directly through their electronic health records. They may, for example, notify a physician that a patient never picked up the prescription they wrote, prompting the physician to reach out to the patient.

Putting people first

Having integrated data analytics at our fingertips accelerates this capacity for support, but it’s the human touch that helps translate these insights into action. Combining technology and human clinical expertise to enable more personal care experiences helps us drive positive health outcomes and cut down on unnecessary costs. Through this collaborative effort, our CarelonRx care teams are focused first and foremost on meeting patients where they are to offer the clinical and personalized support they need.


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